Why Pramilaadhar

Three Good reasons to study at Prameela Adhar:

The school has a highly appreciated teaching facility, who believes that good education is the root of a highly successful professional career. The school conducts regular examinations, so that the student has a feedback to work harder to get better. The teaching methods adopted, promote multi disciplinary enquiry and practical applications of problems. Interactive method of teaching are employed so that there is a high degree of interaction between the students and the teacher in the classroom.

Excellence in Professional Field:
The School is run by the "S.S.F." Sambedana Seva Foundation. The entire society structure consists of people of who are having experience in diverse professional fields such as medicine, etc. It is this professional excellence that would make the school and student to realize their excellence in various professional fields.

Ethical Values:
We at Prameela Adhar Nursing School strongly believe that students to be successful not only needs good edition and professional practical experience, but good ethical values to reach out to the society service, we at Prameela Adhar Nursing School groom our student building such values, after which these students well with the society thus bringing fame to themselves.